Common Questions...

Why do dogs love wool?

Wool is natural.  Dogs love natural stuff.  Simple as that.  We believe in simple non-toxic products and your dog will appreciate this too!

CREATURE wool toy feels good in the mouth and gentle on the teeth. Great for exercising the jaw as well.

How durable are the CREATURE wool toys? 

They are solid wool. They can not be destuffed or broken in half.

When felted, wool forms multiple internal bonds then shrinks. They CAN be torn up and chewed but this doesn't happen often.

We still have an intact ball over a year later.

Why should I wash the wool toy?

When you wash the toy,  you are reproducing the conditions in which it was made. Washing renews the ball.  Of course, you also get a clean fresh ball so that your pet can get it dirty again. No need for a separate load, just throw in with your clothes.


Observe your dog with our wool balls, especially if they are aggressive with their toys.  Some wool fuzz is fine but eating a whole toy, any toy, is not a great idea. Not intended as a chew toy.


"I have ripped plenty of toys apart, but not this one. Not sure if its because I can't or I don't want to. Maybe both? Plus, my parents would never give me anything that was unsafe - they are totally obsessed with me."  - Walter